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NI ASEAN Training and Certification Membership Program

In today’s fast-paced technological environment, product training and expertise are vital to an organisation’s success in the marketplace. With the NI Training and Certification Membership, you and your company can confidently and effectively develop and validate necessary skills to optimise your use of NI products for a single price.

One-Year Membership

Obtain access to NI scheduled software and hardware training courses and certification exams for 12 months. The 12 months membership program allows you to attend software courses and hardware course within a longer period to multi-phase your training. The software courses equip you with invaluable LabVIEW development skills. Meanwhile, you can choose to take the hardware training course based on your application needs, or based on hardware platform of your interest which would allow you to gain invaluable knowledge and understanding of the particular hardware and how to use them in your situations. You also have the opportunity to take a LabVIEW CLAD and a LabVIEW CLD certification exam within the 12-months period.

Membership Benefits: 

  • Training Courses included in the package are within the validity period of the membership
    NI ASEAN offers 1-year membership.
  • Reduced Training Costs with One Low Price
    Attend 4 training courses for a reduced price that could save you more than 15 percent in training cost.
  • Skills Validation with Professional Credentials 
    Widen your opportunities in career advancement as you develop your expertise and distinguish your skills with industry-recognised NI credentials.

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Thailand: 1800 345 555
Philippines: 1800 1888 3834
Vietnam: 1800 585 837
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