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2016 Engineering Impact Awards ASEAN Regional Contest

More than 30 companies in ASEAN and Australia submitted their technical application papers and to compete for the best paper award for each category. Here are this year’s winning papers:

Paper of the Year, Best Paper in Advanced Research, Best Paper in Energy:

Dynamic 3D Display of Rock Fracturing During Geosequestration of Greenhouse Gas

Company: Curtin University, ICON Technologies, Altcom
: Brian Evans, Mark Trotman, Andrew Jupe

Best Paper in Industrial Machinery & Control:

Eye in the Sky

Company: Spookfish Innovations, ICON Technologies
: Paul Tetley, Mark Trotman , Nick Perkins

Best Paper in RF, Wireless and Mobile Communications:

A Secure and High Data Rate Wireless System Using OAM States of EM Wave

Institution: Nanyang Technological University   
: Tan Soon Yim, Pasan Bhashitha De Silva

Best Paper in Electronics and Semiconductors:

Accelerating Development of Dynamic & Static Testers for High Voltage IGBT Power Modules using LabVIEW and NI PXI

Institution: Integrated Micro-Electronics Inc 
: Christopher Evan A. Mariano, Gilbert Z. Peren

Editor’s Choice Winner (Media Partner: Industrial Automation Asia):

A Smart Recirculating Aquaculture System with NI CompactRIO and WSN

Company: Singapore Institute of Technology, Baizonn Pte. Ltd, Providev
: Andrew Keong Ng, Yuan Kang Lim, Ryan Tay Hong-Soon, Kum Meng Lum, Sanka Ravipriya Hettiarachchi  



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