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Best Practices for Building an Automated Test System Webcast Series

Learn Best Practices and Tips for Building a Full Test System

This four-part, interactive webcast series covers the basics and the recommended process for building test systems from start to finish.


Watch this webcast series to learn test engineer best practices that range from software, instruments, and rack selection to maintenance and deployment strategies. Experts will be on hand to answer your questions in real time.

The series is intended for test engineers, technicians, and managers who are looking to improve the throughput and lower the cost of test applications.


Identifying the Hardware Platform for Measurement Needs

Learn how to scope your system and evaluate the best test platform to accommodate your current and future instrumentation needs.

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Considering Switching, Mass Interconnect, and Fixturing

Learn about the options for a switching architecture, mass interconnect, and test fixture to efficiently connect your device(s) under test and achieve better throughput from your test system.

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Evaluating Test Management Software

Explore best practices for using a test executive within your organization to maximize resources for scalable test software architecture.

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Selecting the Right Development Environment

Software plays a critical role when designing a test system. Explore how to minimize development time by choosing the right application development environment that is intuitive and integrates with multiple platforms.

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