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NI Embedded Control and Monitoring Roadshow


NI Embedded Control & Monitoring Roadshow


Stay ahead of the competition by keeping yourself abreast of the latest trends and technologies that are driving innovation in the embedded systems industry.

As an innovation-driven company, National Instruments brings to the forefront nothing less than next-generation tools and cutting-edge technology. Introducing the Embedded Control and Monitoring Roadshow 2014, you will learn how engineers worldwide are using NI LabVIEW reconfigurable I/O (RIO) architecture to deliver disruptive innovation to market quickly to stay competitive in challenging environments.

Learn from our panel of NI embedded systems experts as they teach you how to reduce development costs and increase productivity using NI graphical system design tools to quickly prototype and deploy embedded control, logging, diagnostic, and monitoring systems to overcome some of the biggest challenges in energy, industrial control, machine condition monitoring, and smart machines. Observe how our customers have successfully deployed NI embedded systems to solve the most advanced embedded control and monitoring applications today.


Key Highlights


The event will feature live demonstrations and topics on:

  • Application-specific technical sessions that include industry analysis, technology trends, and best practices 
  • Case studies and user solutions
  • Insights from integrators who are deploying NI embedded systems today


Please note that this event is only for industry professionals, professors and educators. Students will not be allowed.


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CompactRIO Developer Guide

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cRIO 9068

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Advantages of NI Embedded Systems

Advantages of NI Embedded Systems

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