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Goh Yih-Hsiung

Goh YH

"In NI, we strive to help customers overcome insurmountable technological roadblocks to solve their engineering challenges. Our graphical system design platform has helped millions of engineers and scientists across the globe to increase productivity, innovation and discovery. I believe that our platform, coupled with my decade-long experience in the industry can help you fast track to success."

Goh Yih-Hsiung
ASEAN Sales Manager  


Goh Yih-Hsiung (YH) has been with National Instruments since 2002 and is currently the ASEAN Sales Manager where he oversees the sales operations for Southeast Asia. 

Prior to this, he was the Area Sales Manager responsible for the sales operations for Singapore and Indonesia. YH has worked with engineers and scientist from the academia and various industry sector, such as Electronics, Industrial Monitoring, Automotives, Semiconductor, Aerospace and MCM applications for more than 10 years.

YH graduated from Nanyang Technological Univeristy majoring in Electrical and Electronics. He started his career as an Applications Engineer before moving to sales. He was also instrumental in growing the presence of National Instruments in the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Southern Malaysia.


Based in Singapore, YH offers free technical consultations and conduct technical seminars regularly. Call today to make an appointment.  


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