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2016 Automated Test Summit Singapore

Automated Test Summit 2016

2016 Automated Test Summit, Singapore

Date: 10 June 2016
Time: 1:30 to 5:00pm
Venue: Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre
Address: Room 323, 1 Raffles Boulevard, Suntec City , Singapore 039593


Expanding requirements, increasing costs of test and unprecedented business constraints are tough challenges that compel test engineers to reinvent themselves constantly. As complex devices move towards mainstream, engineers must innovate to meet those engineering challenges but at the same time, be ready to increase the throughput of their test systems, reduce maintenance cost and increase ROI.

Join us to stay ahead and advance your capabilities with the 2016 Automated Test Summit, an event designed to help you build smart, cost effective automated test systems for RF and mixed signal semiconductor test of devices such as RF power amplifiers, MEMS accelerometers, and power management ICs.

Register your interest with us now as only limited seats are available. You will also be able to network with industry insiders and test experts during the event.


At the end of the event, you will learn:

  • How to use platform-based approach to reduce your test time and overall system cost
  • How to increase the throughput of your test system to optimize productivity gains
  • How to build an automated test system from scratch in 30 minutes

Who should attend?

This event is designed for engineers who are looking to improve the throughput and lower the cost of test applications in semiconductor, consumer electronics, wireless device characterization, validation or production testing.

  • Instrumentation managers
  • Manufacturing managers
  • Test engineers
  • Technicians
  • Test managers


    Please note that registration is required to attend this complimentary event.


    Smart devices are creating an inflection point in automated test for both the test managers and engineers challenged with ensuring the quality of these devices at increasingly lower costs. To test their smart devices, organizations are transitioning from the status quo of rack-and-stack box instruments and closed-architecture automated test equipment (ATE) systems to smarter test systems on the PXI platform that scale with escalating requirements to continually shorten time to market and drive down cost.


    1.00pm Registration

    Keynote: Introduction to Automated Test and PXI

    PXI is an open platform that is governed by the PXI Systems Alliance. NI pioneered the technology in 1997 and defined the version 1.0 specification and has been the leader ever since. Understand the unique benefits of PXI in comparison to box instruments and uncover the best system using NI PXI platform and NI software for different applications across 5 major areas: Semiconductor, Wireless, Automotive, Aerospace/Defence, and 5G Prototyping.


    Identifying the Hardware Platform for Test and Measurement Needs

    Learn how to scope your system using the measurement requirements for your device(s) under test. From these requirements, evaluate the best test platform to serve as the core of your system to accommodate current and future instrumentation needs.


    Race to the Finish: Build an Automated Test System in 30 Minutes

    Creating an automated test executive and test code modules can be difficult when building them from scratch. NI provides building blocks in LabVIEW and TestStand that you can use to create more powerful systems more easily. See an NI engineer build an actual automated functional electronic test system live in just 30 minutes.

    3.30pm Tea Break & Floor Demonstration Session

    Lower the Cost of Test with the NI Semiconductor Test System:  A Detailed Look Under-the-Hood

    Every day, we hear about the explosion of connected devices promised in the Internet of Things (IoT). But, this revolution will only happen if it can be done economically, and a big part of that challenge is keeping the cost of test low enough to maintain appropriate unit pricing on the "things" of the IoT. This presentation will describe novel approaches to test that will keep the product tests on track to revolutionize our world based on specific examples in the semiconductor industry using the NI STS.


    Achieving Higher Performance Cellular, WLAN, and Bluetooth Test with the NI Wireless Test System

    The Internet of Things is driving the need for fast, accurate and lower-cost wireless manufacturing test. Built for the multi-standard, multi-DUT and multi-port test requirements of today and tomorrow, the Wireless Test System (WTS) excels where traditional approaches fall short. In this session, we review the wireless standards and economics driving wireless production test and how NI partners and customers use the WTS to reduce costs and multiply throughput to achieve a higher performance test system.


    Question & Answer Session



    With the proven benefits of reducing cost, size, and footprint, the adoption of PXI-based semiconductor production test systems and wireless test systems are on the rise. Even with hundreds of these systems already deployed, building your own test system is not a trivial task. It requires a team of engineers to build and support it, and most companies can't justify it. What you really need is a system that easily integrates into the production environment. See how NI has further evolved PXI to address this problem with the release of the STS and the WTS.



    Lower the Cost of RFIC Test with the Semiconductor Test System (STS)

    Simplify development and easily adapt to new and frequently changing test requirements with the PXI-based STS, the Semiconductor Test System. Leverage NI’s world-class RF and mixed-signal PXI instrumentation for a broad range of test coverage. Prepare yourself for production-ready services and support by deploying and analysing data anywhere in the world.

    Learn more about STS


    Lower Your Cost of Wireless Manufacturing Test (WTS)

    Engage in multi-standard testing of the latest cellular and connectivity devices, from LTE-A to 802.11ac to Bluetooth Low Energy, with the Wireless Test System (WTS). With the WTS, you can be sure to reduce test cost by testing up to 8 DUTs in parallel and perform data analysis on the latest Intel processors. Along with that, also learn on ways to rapidly deploy testers with ready-to-run test sequences and a standard SCPI interface with this insightful demonstration

    Learn more about WTS


    Address Your Semiconductor Challenges with the PXI Platform

    Learn how NI helps you to develop test systems faster with ready-to-run Test Management Software, the NI TestStand. With the combination of the NI TestStand and the NI PXI platform, you can be sure to increase test development productivity and reduce overall test costs. The flexibility of the software-defined measurements is boundless, providing high-speed measurements with perfect timing controls.

    Learn more about PXI